Customer Service Login



By chosing this form of contact, you have elected to immediately engage in a live Text Chat session with a Customer Service Agent. Text Chat is a Java applet which requires no software download on your part in order for it to work properly.

In addition to Text Chat, you may select the "Call" button, once engaged in the Text Chat session, in order to request a Microsoft NetMeeting (VoIP) interaction. For this feature to function correctly, you must have first installed and tuned NetMeeting, as well as have it launched at the time you depress the "Call" button.

NetMeeting is freeware, available from the "Downloads" section of the Microsoft web site ( You may also click here to obtain NetMeeting. Before downloading NetMeeting, you may want to first check to see if you already have it available on your computer. Most PC's built after 1995 have NetMeeting bundled as a part of the Windows 95 and 98 operating systems.